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If you are interested to become a part of our Cape Dara Resort team, we welcome you to submit your complete resume with us at Every application for job in our luxury hotel in Pattaya will be considered carefully and treated with strict confidentiality.


  • Conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known
  • Supervise front office operations during assigned shift including:
    • Maintenance of guest information
    • Maintenance of information about local events
    • Compile occupancy statistics
    • Supervise the use of the public address system
    • Supervise group bookings
    • Assisting with serious complaints
  • Supervise cashiering activities during shift including:
    • Cash handling and banking procedure
    • Dealing with irregular payments
    • Instructing staff in credit policies and facilities
    • Instructing staff in cash security procedures
    • Carry out debtor control
  • Prepare reports
  • Supervise the cashiering system
  • Works with Superior and Human Resources on manpower planning and management needs
  • Works with Superior and Director of Finance in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget.
  • Reacts to situations to ensure guests receive prompt attention and personal recognition throughout the hotel
  • Control the availability of rooms, rooms types, accuracy of room count and rate categories
  • Maximize occupancy, revenue and average rate while maintaining high service standards
  • Liaise with Housekeeping Department to ensure room image is maintained and the “Room Ready on Arrival” policy is adhered to
  • Turn away guests if occupancies deem it necessary ensuring no good-will is lost
  • Liaise closely with Executive Housekeeper to ensure special guest needs, amenities and other room related requests are met
  1. Behave to the rules, regulations, and policy of the Housekeeping Dept
  2. Prepare articles for daily use and cloth for drawing room ready to put onto the maid’s cart to prepare for work before going to work.      
  3. Check the amount of articles to put into the clients’ room to be ready prior to leave for work.
  4. Take the order of the floor supervisor strictly to complete the work
  5. Responsible for the completion of the cleaning of the client’s room and toilet before leaving for the next room.      
  6. Behave to the rules, regulations, and policy of the Housekeeping Section.
  7. Enter and check the vacant room of the articles, cleanliness, and mechanic’s work for promptness of serving the next check-in clients. 
  8. Prepare the report of found belongings of the client in the logbook of the maid, and send it to keep for attention of the Housekeeping Dept.    
  9. Next to the work of the clients’ rooms, clean the equipment, maid’s cart, and pantry.  Clean the toilets assigned to alternate maids.   Prepare readiness for starting work on the next day.
  10. Prepare the report of every damage or ruin within the client’s room, and submit to the supervisor to follow up the progress of corrective work until finish
  11. Follow up to bring the flowers and fruits to the room as specified by the note   released from the receptionist section.
  12. Keep security by writing a report of everything found especially the suspected person on the floor and give it at once to the supervisor
  13. Collect the used cloth from the clients’ rooms for the room boy to deliver to the laundry and ironing room.
  14. Keep the client’s room clean neatly during their stay inside.
  15. Give the client the service immediately at heart when he asks for the articles or requests assistance.            
  16. Perform strictly on the responsible duties even without presence of the supervisor.  Willfully give help to the work beyond duty.


  • Responsible for all activities relevant to the Front Desk such as check in / out, rooming of all Hotel guests, foreign exchange and assisting them with inquiries.
  • Interacts with guest and individuals outside the hotel including, but not limited to current and potential customers, owning company representatives, suppliers, competitors and other members of the local community


  • Greets all guests at all times in a friendly and helpful manner and attempts to learn and use guest’s name at every opportunity
  • Registers and rooms all arrivals according to established procedures
  • Maintains intimate knowledge of departmental standards and procedures
  • Performs check in, check out and room change procedures and ensures all data are entered completely into the FROMAS (Front Office System ) in accordance with reservation
  • Maintains cashier float and ensures accurate daily report of all money received
  • Cashes hotel guest’s personal and travelers checks and assists with currency exchange
  • Keeps abreast of all modifications to accounting policies and procedures
  • Responsible and attends to guest’s request of using the service of safety box at all times
  • Knowledgeable of all special promotion procedures such as Room Promotions and F&B Promotions
  • Attends to guest’s complaints, inquiries and requests, referees problems to Supervisor/Assistant Manager if he/she able to assist
  • Is familiar with other Hotels and Resorts so that guest indicating any next destination on the registration card can be “sold” an onward booking to another Hotels
  • Does everything possible to ensure that the guests depart the hotel with a positive impression of hotel service
  • Performs the audit balances and prepares all works for audit in an orderly fashion
  • When working in night shift, check guest billing, checks night report, prepare the morning report and prepare all necessary forms for the guest arrival
  • Maintains comprehensive knowledge of standard reservation procedures including correct forms to use, how to read e-mail, messages, and how to interpret availability sources within the reservation systems
  • Maintains exemplary department standards of behavior and appearance and attitude as expected in a hotel standard
  • Takes personal interest and pride to ensure that the front desk work area is kept clean and in an orderly state at all times
  • Endeavors to maintain the high standards of the hotel with particular regard to the VIP’s Guest and with reference to hotel and to be a health or safety hazard