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Happily Ever After: Thai Wedding Ceremony

By marcomcape | February 14, 2017 | Activities | 2342 READ

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When we think about love, besides a good relationship, many girls have their ultimate dream of a perfect wedding. Imagine herself and a charming prince, surrounded by loved ones in such a place that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. Speaking from the one who had one perfect wedding more than she could every asked for. I remember wedding involves various beliefs from both the bride and the groom sides, the parents, the tradition of each country, and the norm of the society. Whoa! That all together may seems too much but after all it's a sacred event that enchants the beginning of our journey.... as a married couple. Now number of foreigners come to Thailand for their destination wedding and some even get married in Thai ceremony. If you are one of those who are interested right now, here's how.

Choosing the right date

Thai people believe the right date would lead to a healthy and smooth marriage. Nowadays you can find perfect dates with explanation on the internet too. Thanks to those who publish this information!

Wedding Costumes

Thailand has been known of its rich in culture reflected from our long history. This is also transformed to various Thai costumes. Thai costumes do not only tell you about the era it was invented but also the hierarchy of the society the wearer was in too. In Thai wedding ceremony, the bride tends to wear the most beautiful costumes from prestige level. The royal level costume is however only saved for the royal family members or ones of extraordinary high prestige. The groom is much simpler. They mostly wear trousers or Thai old style of pants called Jong-kra-ben with mandarin collar shirt.  

Engaging Ceremony

After the agreement of dowry from 2 families, the groom together with his family, and friends would begin the ceremony in a very early morning by marching with Khan - Maak (The tray with dowry including cash, jewelry, and meaningful fruits and desserts according to Thai belief) to show the groom’s wealth and that he can surely take care of his wife-to-be financially. During the parade, they would sing, play Thai traditional instruments and dance, starting from outside the bride’s house all the way to the bride who is hiding in her room. This is the fun part of the ceremony where the groom will have to go through each stage where a series of bridesmaids and relatives block his path with gold necklaces or flower chains. They will ask him to do anything they want. Literally anything! For example, to speak”I love you” in 4 different languages, or to do push ups for 100 times, or give answer to the most secret and humiliating questions, etc. Once they are satisfied with his effort then he has to hand them few envelopes with cash inside. All of the activities in this phase is to either show his love to the bride that he would go through any obstacles to conquer her love, or just to provoke some laughter and joy in an atmosphere.

When the groom reached to the bride’s home, he would present the dowry to the bride’s family. Then the couple would exchange rings and beautifully pay respect to each other.

Wedding Ceremony

Here is the most important part. The bride and the groom would sit next to each other. Their arms would rest on small pillows, their hands would be held together in praying position, and the holy thread would be on their head representing the linking destiny. Then the guests in the ceremony would line up to pour blessing water from a selected shell over both’s pressing hands. While pouring water, the guests would bless the couple and the elderlies would also give advices on living and being together.

After this ceremony, all guests would be welcomed to enjoy sweets and savories together

Post Ceremony

After their big day, the bride and the groom would be escorted to the well-arranged bedroom. A big tray with a bag of beans, a bowl of water, a mortar, a squash, a figure of cat and rooster, and a cane would be set on the bed. Those have symbolic meanings as prosperity, harmony, solid love, happy marriage, comfortable home, aliveness, and longevity. The newlyweds will then be left in the bedroom alone throughout the night.

Thailand’s cultures and beautiful nature draws a number of foreign couples to wed on the beach as their destination wedding among the bright blue sea or a gorgeous sunset. Very soon, there will be an exciting event to exhibit beach wedding trends and launch wedding collection which is a collaboration project between Nhoo Matthews and Cape Dara Resort. This is for the first time in Thai hotel and wedding industry that the two significant establishments join their hands together. There will be a fashion show, talks from guru in wedding industry to give advice in choosing the right dress and suit for the bride and groom, choosing jewelry, catering, estimating cost and many more. The event will also gather vendors that would make your life easy either you are the bride, the groom, or the family and friends.

Where: Cape Dara Resort, Pattaya
When: 25 - 26 March 2017

For more information, please contact our event team 038 933 888 or [email protected]

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